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Federal employees, learn how to turn your dreams into reality and be one of the thousands each year that are promoted or attain higher level government jobs. 


Complete an assessment, explore opportunities, prepare a comprehensive Individual Development Plan (IDP), and apply for targeted position jobs.


Develop realistic and viable Individual Development Plans (IDPs) in concert with your supervisor that will get you to where you want to be, with agency support and resources!


Complete a professional application and learn how to tailor your application and federal style resume to the core duties and responsibilities listed in the job announcement.   

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Welcome to the Federal Employee’s Career Development Center. This site assists federal government civil service employees to develop realistic Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Federal employees have attractive career development and upward mobility opportunities available to them. This site can also be used by federal job seekers that aren’t sure what federal occupation best matches their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

What separates those who want to progress in their careers from those who actually achieve success? The fact is that it’s not enough to dream about promotions, great new jobs, and higher pay, you have to plan a course of action to achieve those goals. The factors that will determine whether or not you succeed are motivation, personal initiative, and taking the steps (ACTIONS) necessary to make your dreams come true.

If you’re not satisfied with your current job or if you’ve been bypassed for a promotion don’t despair, help is out there if you know where to look. You have many options and career paths to pursue in the federal sector. Even if you lack the required education or experience there are ways to obtain the training and skills needed to reach your career goals. Use our comprehensive Federal Employee’s Career Development Checklist and Sitemap to guide you through the process.

Constructive supervisory feedback, often so feared, is actually good for you. You just need to know how to handle it and not take it as a personal attack. Success is built on many failures, and those who are not willing to try, and possibly fail, will never succeed.

Featured Agencies & Careers

The following articles are posted on our Federal Career Blog. We feature different agencies and occupations each month and interview key personnel in a diverse cross section of occupations. Locate specific careers and agencies of interest on our Blog Index.

NASA Careers   Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) Careers Veterans Administration (VA) Careers


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A good reason to prepare an IDP, especially for federal employee’s that are in their mid to late careers, is to increase their high three average salary for retirement. A promotion can significantly increase your retirement annuity. This is also a good time to start planning your retirement so you and your family will understand what you will have to live on, when you will be eligible, and the best time for you to leave. Visit www.federalretirement.net for comprehensive FERS and CSRS retirement planning guidance.


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Federal Retirement Planning Guide


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Site Setup Learn about current issues and trends on our Federal Retirement Planning Blog that impact federal employees and annuitants. This site covers benefits, the Thrift Savings Plan, Social Security, Medicare, lifestyle and travel. 

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Content Transfer Request a Federal Retirement Report that will assist Federal and Postal employees prepare for retirement. It provides retirement advice for CSRS and FERS retirement plans, (FEGLI) Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, TSP,  Survivor’s Benefit Planning, and other areas. 

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