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The following career development training analyses and course recommendations charts can be used to develop your IDP. They present a sampling of careers with training course recommendations, associated job series tasks, useful skills and abilities and practical knowledge. Each agency should develop a set of these charts for key occupations and provide them to personnel that desire to complete an IDP.

A blank form is included that you can use to develop similar charts for any job series using the tools described o this site. The forms are useful tools describing required steps for employees to achieve their career goals via educational experiences, skills, practical knowledge and abilities required to work in that occupational series. There may be a need for more basic skills and the courses specified are not the only courses that may be used or needed to meet your goal. The charts do provide a basic outline of helpful tasks, skills and abilities, and practical knowledge with suggested training that will help you attain your career goals.

Another valuable resources is the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Education and Training Measurements by Detailed Occupation.  Use it to determine the level of education required for occupations of interest. Many occupations require experience and/ or education and it is interesting to see the mix as it relates to the percentage of the workforce that has education verses work experience for any given group. You can also review job announcements that you find for occupations of interest to determine qualifications.


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