Career Planning Checklist

A Step-by-Step Guide to Completing Your Plan

Federal Employee's Career Development Center

Career Development Overview



Complete the self assessment (The assessment is the critical first step of the process that will help you take charge of your career.)


Request informational interviews for positions of interest



This could be either developmental assignments to improve your skills for the job you now occupy or new positions that you identified during your assessment. Locate developmental assignments with your supervisor’s input and through your networking contacts. To identify possible new positions that meet your career goals take the following steps:

Review occupational listings for each occupational family. To view a complete job series listing for each occupational family click on the “Listings by Occupation” link directly below the description for each occupational family. For example, if you are interested in the GS-300: General Administrative, Clerical, & Office Services Group job series, under the description for this group click on the GS-300 listings by occupation. This will produce a listing of all jobs series from the GS-0301 to the GS-0394 job series with links to occupational descriptions, links to job vacancies, and a Job Series Definition. You will also find interviews with active federal employees for many occupations that will give you additional insight into occupations of interest.


  • Complete and sign ALL application forms received with the MPP announcement. Follow the guidelines provided in the Applying For Jobs section.
  • Submit a professional federal style resume and application
    • Applications must arrive by no later than the closing date of the announcement for your application to be considered.
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  • Retain a copy of your application and all other forms including a copy of the job announcement. The job announcement typically includes contact information for an HR specialist that can answer your questions about the application process and the status of your application.



  • Career Planning Articles – Interviews with federal employees in a diverse cross section of careers.
  • Read The Book of U.S. Government Jobs by Dennis Damp for the job you want in government. This resource helps job seekers describe their skills and experience in the most eye-catching readable way possible to edge out the competition. You’ll learn more about overseas and law enforcement jobs, jobs for the disables, veterans preference, and additional information on writing a professional federal resume and application, and how to develop job search strategies that work. Available on Amazon.com, at all bookstores, and at many libraries.
  • Federal employee retirement planning guidance. It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. The earlier you start the more you will have to spend in retirement. Your career planning goals can lead to promotions that will increase your annuity when you retire.