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The following sample federal style resume is targeted to a Management Analyst position. Read the qualification standard for the GS-0343 position and search for a management analyst job announcement on www.USAJobs.gov to familiarize yourself with the analyst position. You need to capture required specialized experience, skills, duties and accomplishments to obtain a higher rating and to be referred to a selecting official for an interview. The more time you spend refining your application to include required duties and specialized experience, the higher your rating.

You can prepare multiple applications and save them on USAJobs.gov however I suggest drafting them on your desktop first to refine your work history statements.

The person rating your application is generally a human resource specialist and may not be familiar with all occupations. They rely on qualification and classification standards and other rating criteria to assign points to your application. Raters look for duties, responsibilities, and specialized experience — key words and phrases — to assign points to your application.

I was a trained and certified rater for several job series while working for the FAA and reviewed and rated hundreds of applications during my career. Your resume will be rated on a point system of up to 100 points; veterans preference applicants could earn an additional five points if they served during a major military campaign or 10 points if they are disabled. The Category Rating system has revised this process for most applicants.

Focusing on the job announcement’s duties and specialized experience could place you in the “Best Qualified” category. There is a balancing act to follow when completing your resume and other application questionnaires. Use bullets to attract the reviewer’s attention or add white space and line breaks between key points and topics in your online submission. If you simply write a long narrative, it’s hard for the rating official to pick out the required key duties and specialized experience. A typical federal resume is between three and 10 pages; additional pages are added for KSAs if required.


 Sample Resume – Management Analyst with IT Background

The following sample resume is formatted to attract the attention of the selecting official. It is a typical hard copy federal style resume that you can compile on your desktop using Microsoft Word. You can also take extra copies to your interview. When applying online using a resume builder you may need to plainly format your resume.

John Q. Adams

3401 Main Street
Hyattsville, MD 20782
Day Phone # 202-123-4567 • Evening Phone # 301-234-5678 • [email protected]

Social Security Number: xxx-xx-xxxx
Citizenship: United States
Federal Status: N/A
Veterans’ Preference: Yes, 5 points (DD-214 form available)

Management Analyst, GS-0343-12
National Archives & Records Administration
Announcement # 0916 LV, Closing Date 12/09/2016


Lead automation analyst for a large organization consisting of 797 workers located at seven offices in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Novell, A+, Net+, and Microsoft Applications certified. Results-oriented analyst and computer specialist with sound analytical, automation applications, and technical expertise. Provides a full range of continuing automation technical and advisory services to operating offices, system users, company officials, and warehouse managers. Collateral duties included researching potential Local Area Network (LAN) deployment at branch and field offices, automation security administrator for the organization, and provided new system integration training. Attended numerous strategy sessions with vendors, managers, and staff to explore feasibility of expanding automation system capabilities.


  • Highly motivated, proven, and proactive leader recognized for sound judgment and entrusted with highly confidential and sensitive information.
  • Conscientious and flexible when delegating and executing professional responsibilities and known for the ability to work effectively with work groups and teams to get the job done, and done right.
  •  Committed to the organization’s mission and yet tactful and willing to work complex issues collaboratively to reach the desired outcome.
  • Multi-task oriented and makes sound decisions due to technical expertise under pressure.


Computer Analyst, April 2009 to Present
Hendricks Inc. 40+ hours/week
435 Smithfield Drive, Smithfield, MD 20782 Salary: $77,956/yr.
Supervisor: Gene Porter, 202-123-2456, Extension 410. You may contact my present and all previous supervisors.

Proficient in most Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Scheduler, Project, FrontPage and Access. Trained over 127 users in software applications over the past two years. Designed Hendricks’ corporate Web site that received several internet design awards. Three of my articles were published in major national magazines concerning NOVELL upgrades and system integration issues. Copies available upon request.


  • Technical automation expert for Leesburg, Virginia, headquarters of Novell LAN operations.Analyze and advise management of all aspects of system integration and LAN applications.
  • Perform feasibility studies and analysis of staff and field office automation needs.
  • Maintain DELL NT computer work stations at headquarters for 127 employees.
  • Maintain company Lotus Notes email for the organization. Updated address data-bases and worked with vendors concerning major problems and software failures.
  • Performed cost/benefit evaluation for work station upgrades and LAN automation expansion at field facilities.
  • Train 127 users on new system functions and software applications.
  • Company Web site Webmaster, proficient in html and htmls.
  • Recommended filed system upgrade and LAN integration through Wynnframe deployment.
  • Develop company’s annual Information Resource Management (IRM) budget.
  • Site automation administrator maintaining all user data, access levels, and system security passwords and documentation.
  • Initiate daily LAN backups.
  • Maintain a comprehensive technical and software applications user library.
  • Debug, repair and service operating systems and software/hardware throughout the organization.


  • Developed written automation configuration reports for upper management to consolidate three field offices into a central hub facility at Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Management accepted my Wynnframe LAN field integration recommendation after I completed a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis and feasibility study for the up-grade. I developed gant and milestone charts using Microsoft Project to schedule, coordinate, and complete the upgrade using internal resources. Trained users after field installation was complete.
  • Designed the company’s Internet Web site. Management accepted my proposal after viewing an interactive PowerPoint presentation that I developed and viewing a live online demonstration that featured the Web site’s functionality. I received a substantial cash bonus for developing the site.
  • Member of the company’s strategic planning committee. The committee presented the CEO with plans for major Internet security improvements and a cost/benefit analysis for our automation needs through 2014. The study included a major expansion to two additional states scheduled for 2017.

Computer Specialist June 1999 to April 2009
National Rental Corporation 40+ hours/week
101 Fifth St., Silver Spring, MD 20901 Salary: $45,545/yr.
Supervisor: Charles Massie, 202-234-2345.

Computer specialist responsible for system administration, maintenance, and new software training for 47 specialists and five managers. Designed, updated, and modified office automation applications for the organization and serviced over 67 desktop and laptop computers and office Local Area Network (LAN). Worked closely with department managers and vendors to create and maintain appropriate technical documentation for all system users. Collateral responsibilities included researching potential LAN deployment at branch offices and new system integration training. Attended numerous strategy sessions with vendors and mangers to explore the feasibility of expanding office automation system capabilities.


  • System administrator for the organization’s information processing systems. Coordinated all upgrades, scheduled maintenance, and assigned user names and pass-words.
  • Performed daily LAN backups of critical office databases and assisted specialists with local computer backup as needed.
  • Initiated and monitored special projects including automation software deployment for the entire organization. Team lead for LAN/WAN configuration and maintenance.
  • Set up Internet accounts for all company vendors and trained staff on data collection applications.


  • Team lead for recommending improvements, evaluating, coordination, and implementation of NOVELL server upgrades. The upgrade was accomplished with minimal system downtime and negligible impact to clients and staff.
  • Developed numerous written reports and gave oral presentations to managers on various IRM and ADP issues including NOVELL deployment, user system upgrades, and automation security threats and system enhancements.
  • Developed organization’s IRM security directives/regulations. Trained managers and staff on security concerns and provided methods to improve online security at all levels of the organization.
  • Performed a feasibility study to implement a paperless office. Researched options, developed plans, performed a cost/benefit analysis, and presented a proposal to the Chief Executive Officer. The plan was successfully implemented throughout the organization.

Communications System Repairman U.S. ARMY May 1990 to June 1999
U.S. Army, National Training Center 40+ hours/week
11th Armored Regiment, Operations Group Salary: $17,789/yr.
Fort Irwin, CA 92310-5067
Supervisor: Msgt Don Riley, 760-999-9999

Attained the active duty rank of Staff Sergeant. Responsible for maintaining and servicing the training center’s field communications systems including Frequency Modulated (FM) handsets, telephone equipment, and Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) transmitters and receivers used to communicate with air support and armored cavalry command units. Assigned collateral duties to maintain field computers used to direct and coordinate troop movements with headquarters command. Responsible for analyzing and advising training command staff of communication problems and concerns.


  • Provided field and shop level maintenance for FM handheld transceivers and VHF/ UHF transceivers.
  •  Programed field computers used for troop movement and developed user technical documentation for critical field deployments.
  •  Assisted computer specialists with field computer repair.
  •  Logistical support including ordering of spare parts and supplies and storage of line replaceable units.
  •  Troubleshot telephone and switching equipment problems.


  • Coordinated the utilization of limited communication resources for field deployment at the training center for over 2,000 active duty and reserve troops. Prioritized order of delivery communication needs for all deployments.
  • Crypto trained for Top Secret scrambled communications between command centers and senior field command officers. Responsible for safeguarding equipment and destroying it at all costs if enemy infiltration discovered.
  • Hold a Top Secret clearance.
  • Developed, evaluated, and performed a cost/benefit analysis for a communications deployment scheme at the training centers that was implemented at all Department of Defense training facilities.


Community College of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD 21201,
Associates Degree in Computer Technology, graduated with high honors, 2000

Additional Training
Communications Electronics School, US Army, 1992 (6 months)
Microsoft Office, April (40 hours), 1993
Work Station Integration & LAN Connectivity (160 hours), 1994
NOVEL Certification Course (80 hours), 1995
Microsoft Office Professional (40 hours), 1996
Quality of Work life & Team Work (40 hours), employer sponsored
LAN/WAN Office Configuration Management Course (240 hours), 1997
A+ / Net + Software/Hardware Certification Course (200 hours), 1999



  • (1993) US ARMY Dickens Award for Outstanding Achievement. Awarded for developing a communications deployment strategy that was accepted by the DOD for all Army training centers.
  •  (2010) Designed, developed and published Hendricks’ Web site. Received a substantial cash bonus for developing the site.


• FCC Radio Telephone License with Ship Radar endorsement (current)
• NOVEL Certified in 1999
• A+ / NET + Certified June 1999

In addition to the courses I have taken to acquire further knowledge for the positions I have held, I also have experience and expertise in the following areas:

Interpersonal Relations

  • Deal effectively and professionally with people. A team player as evidenced by my military background and success at Hendricks Corp. to integrate and consolidate branch offices. I enjoy working in groups and have been trained in Quality Work life (QWL) and Partnership initiatives.

Communications and Writing Skills

  • Joined Toastmasters International in 1995 and achieved Competent Toastmaster status in 1997. Several of my networking integration studies were published in national journals in 2009. In 2014 I completed oral communications and report writing courses at a local community college. Maintain an excellent grasp of the English language and have experience in a variety of different writing styles including reports, grant requests, informational material, speeches, brochures, and promotional material.

Training Skills

  • Conducted classes for office automation and software applications to over 200 employees. I also provide on-the-job training to individual users on an as-needed basis and frequently train managers on new applications and Internet security options and procedures.

Computer Skills

  • Since 1989 my interest in computers has led to experience with all types of personal computers and software applications, and I have expertise in word processing, database management, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, form design, BASIC and HTML programing and design. I have an associate degree in IRM Automation and completed numerous evening courses in all facets of automation. During my tenure with Hendricks I designed their corporate web site and was the site’s webmaster. Design Web sites for small companies. I have A+ / NET +/ NOVELL and Microsoft Certifications and have worked in the field since 1990.

Office Skills

  • Knowledgeable in all aspects of office operations and proficient in operating a wide variety of office machinery including word processors, copiers, postage meters, telephone systems (including PBX), fax machines, electronic mail, and computer modems, as well as all types of audiovisual equipment. Able to set up, calibrate, and configure all types of electronic equipment from printers and telephone systems, to recorders, cameras and other ancillary equipment. Knowledgeable with PowerPoint.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Too many applicants make the mistake of submitting the exact same résumé for all jobs they apply for. That may be fine if you are applying for the exact same job series for the same agency. However, there can be significantly different duties and responsibilities for the same job series with other organizations, and you must address those differences in the application package, otherwise you stand to loose Best Qualified Status. Tailor your federal style resume for each job that you bid on to increase your standing.

If you’re willing to relocate, obtain job announcements from other areas and apply for as many jobs in similar or related occupations that you qualify for. One other word of advice; highlight the key duties and responsibilities listed in the job announcement and then use those exact terms in your work descriptions and Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) statements. Don’t forget to use the “Career Transition Checklist” in Appendix A to steer you through the entire process.

Contact local agency offices and find out what is currently available, what’s coming up, and how to apply. Now over 80 percent of all jobs are advertised by individual agencies. OPM may not list vacancies from excepted service agencies or for agencies with direct hire authority. A list of 141 federal agencies is available online at www.federaljobs.net/federal.htm. Also search for jobs by occupation and agency on FederalJobs.net.